Bethany - December 2007

Tex-Sun Collies is located in North Central Texas. I got my start in 2001 when I acquired a double dilute smooth male. “Buddy” was my constant friend and companion, and had the true collie temperament that has endeared the collie to so many people for generations. Owning Buddy was a great experience for me, as I quickly begin amassing as much knowledge as I could about the care and training of my collie. After I lost Buddy in a tragic accident, I knew I couldn’t be without a collie. So, enter Peggy Conger of Con-Te Collies.


Peggy is my mentor, and, without her, I would not be where I am today. She has enriched me with a lot of information about the collie, as well as understanding the breed standard, the fine art of a careful breeding program, what to look for in a good dog, teaching me to show my own dogs, and everything else that you learn on the road to being a breeder. Peggy has taught me just about everything I know about collies, and I am very grateful to her. She offered me my first show dog, a smooth male named “Dickon”, aka CH Con-Te Great Expectations, CD, RA, CGC. We made our first venture into the show ring in 2002. And we have never looked back. But no, we weren’t just content with showing, we wanted more….


And so, in the Summer of 2002, I obtained from Peggy my foundation bitch. A lovely rough bitch named “Charm”, aka Con-Te August Charm, CGC. Our first litter was whelped in January of 2003, and although that litter didn’t meet up to my expectations, I tried again, this time breeding Charm to CH Con-Te Go For The Gold, out of that litter came a sable merle smooth bitch named “Lacey”, aka Tex-Sun Legacy In Gold . And the rest is history.


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Practically from the moment of her birth, I knew Lacey was for me. She was a little firecracker that just oozed type, outline, soundness and showmanship. You never had a dull moment with her, she always kept you on your toes. Showing her was an experience I’ll never forget. She was always ready to go, and was always hard to beat. The tougher the class, the longer she was in the ring, she would just stand out and shine. In just a very few shows she quickly gathered all 9 minor points, 2 specialty & 1 all breed major reserve, 1 specialty and 1 all breed minor reserve, 1st in a large specialty sweeps class & 2 BOVs. Shown at the 2006 TX State 4H dog show, she took 9th in a huge specials class as a gangly teenager, and together we took 3rd in very large junior showmanship class and she came back in 2007 to not only win the specials class, but to go on to Best In Show over an entry of 95 purebred dogs. But the dog game isn’t as easy as it seems, and there is heartache mixed in with the triumphs.  Sadly, Lacey was lost to us long before her time. I can only imagine what she would have been like a few years down the road. But, the story doesn’t end there…


I again bred Charm to CH Con-Te Go For The Gold, and from a litter of one puppy, again got a sable merle smooth bitch. (A white factored one this time!) “Tess” is a lovely puppy and shows great promise. I also have Lacey’s son, “Chase”. These two pups are hopefully the future of Tex-Sun, and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing what the future holds for these two.


I competed in AKC Junior showmanship for as long as I was able to. At my last show, the 2005 Collie Club of America National Specialty, I took 3rd in my class showing Dickon.


Besides showing in the conformation ring, I also compete in Rally Obedience and Obedience. One of my collies is also in training to become a Service Dog. I am a member of my local collie club, the Fort Worth Collie Club. Although I currently I am only showing very limitedly, I hope to be able to get out in the ring more in the near future.


Also, thank you to Alice Inman of Schaladon Collies, Jeanette Stell of Nightwinds Collies and Brandi Jakola of Twister Kennels. Thank you for all of your help and support!

In the ring with Lacey - January 2007

With Charm and Dickon - November 2006

Winning our juniors class - March 2005